Classification and function of panel furniture hardware accessories

Classification and function of panel furniture hardware accessories

1. Structural hardware accessories: sofa legs, metal legs, bed feet, cabinet feet, chassis, foot pads, etc.

2. Functional hardware accessories: screws, nuts, plate brackets, three-in-one connectors, slide rails, drawer rails, pull rods, shoe racks, eccentric wheels, hinges, riding drawers, partition accessories, etc.

3. Decorative hardware accessories: pendants, handles, aluminum edge sealing, etc.

The hardware commonly used in panel furniture mainly includes the following 9 categories:

Steel ball slides, furniture hinges, wheel rollers, three-in-one connectors, laminate supports, handles, chair legs and other terms that we seem to be familiar with are actually called hardware accessories, which are indispensable in the process of furniture assembly important members.

1. Lock

Interlocking In multi-drawer cabinets, an interlocking system is often used, also known as a central locking system. The utility model utilizes a plurality of braking pins on the guide rail to lock the drawers respectively, and only uses one lock head to lock multiple drawers at a time. The interlock has two installation forms, namely:

(1) The lock head is on the front of the drawer, and the guide rail is installed on the side lever;

(2) The lock head and the guide rail are installed on the side panel at the same time.

2. Connectors

There are many varieties of connectors, typical varieties are eccentric connectors, screw connectors, plug-in connectors and so on. Eccentric connectors are more commonly used. They are suitable for industrialization, high-efficiency production, firm joints, and can be freely and quickly disassembled and assembled by themselves, without affecting the original appearance. It is mainly suitable for panel furniture. The eccentric connector is mainly composed of eccentric tensioner (eccentric), connecting rod (bolt) and embedded parts (expansion bolt). There are straight connecting rods and angle connecting rods.

3. Hinges

There are many types of hinges, such as hinges, door hinges, glass door hinges, cup-shaped hidden hinges, special special hinges, etc., which are mechanical devices used to connect two solids and allow rotation between them. Hinges are constructed of movable components, or of foldable materials. The hinge is divided into full cover and half cover. The inlay is determined according to the side panel of the cabinet, and the thickness of the side panel is generally 16-18MM. The concealed hinge is divided into two parts: the base and the buckle. According to the bending arc of the buckle, it is divided into three types: straight arm concealed hinge, small curved arm concealed hinge and large curved arm concealed hinge. Door.

4. Slide rail

The most commonly used slide rails in furniture are drawer rails, and door slides. In addition, there are TV cabinets, disc turning devices for dining table tops, ring bottoms for rolling shutter doors, and joint devices for hinges and slides.

5. Position holding device

Commonly used position maintaining devices include flip door booms, back panel buckles, bed adjusters, double-arm lift hangers, and cabinet hangers.

6. Height adjustment device

Commonly used height adjustment devices include cabinet feet and adjustment feet.

7. Supports

Supports are mainly used to support furniture components, such as shelf brackets, shelf supports, glass shelf pins, clothespin seats, etc.

8. Handle

Handles play an important decorative role in furniture and come in a wide variety of forms and varieties. According to different materials, there are metal handles (zinc alloy handles, copper handles, iron handles, aluminum handles, stainless steel handles), marble handles, plastic handles, solid wood handles, ceramic handles, etc.; according to different installation positions, there are drawer handles, cabinet door handles , glass door handle, etc.

9. Casters

Casters are often installed at the bottom of cabinets and tables for moving furniture. According to different connection methods, it can be divided into flat seat type, screw type and plug type.

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