Low-energy process application for panel furniture

In recent years, great changes have taken place in consumer consumption habits and concepts. Consumer behavior based on environmental protection claims is gradually becoming the mainstream of the terminal consumer market, and furniture design and manufacturing have gradually become the focus of consumers' attention. From the perspective of technological innovation, the more energy-intensive industries, the more low-carbon energy-saving technological innovations they contain. more directions.

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Compared with "solid wood furniture", "panel furniture" is essentially different in terms of raw materials and production processes. Panel furniture is made of wood-based panels as the base material, and the main structure is the combination of panels and hardware.

The raw materials of this type of furniture are all kinds of wood-based panels, and the structure and mechanical properties of these panels are different, resulting in differences in the furniture manufacturing process.

With the continuous innovation of the current design and manufacturing technology of panel furniture, the distinction between plywood and hollow panels is gradually diminishing, and some hollow panels are gradually replacing plywood panels in relatively small spaces. At the same time, in the end consumer market, this kind of Design schemes are often loved by young people.

This happens because the previous method of effectively consolidating the compressive resistance of the sheet by means of different layers is gradually changing with the continuous improvement of the compressive performance of the sheet during the design and processing process.

The emergence of lightweight wood furniture materials has partially replaced the denser wood-based panels, which makes the main material of panel furniture change from traditional wood-based panels to lightweight and high-strength wood-based panels.

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In terms of furniture design and manufacturing, traditional craftsmanship often emphasizes solid and solid wood, which can effectively enhance the heaviness of furniture, especially for the design of complete sets of furniture.

However, according to the calculations of industry insiders, the furniture of the same shape and style is processed with solid wood and board respectively. In terms of the consumption of wood resources alone, solid wood furniture is as much as 6 times higher than panel furniture, plus personnel and environmental resources. consumption, the two are not comparable.

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In order to meet market needs and reduce production costs at the same time, more and more manufacturers focus on "low-carbon technology application" in the design and manufacture of panel furniture. The level needs to be further strengthened in order to design and manufacture products that meet the consumer's consumption proposition.

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