Social Responsibility

  • Responsible to Employees
    Responsible to Employees
    Joysource always adhere to the concept of "Make employees happy, customers satisfied and shareholders successful", and pay attention to staff planning, guidance and motivation
  • Responsible to Customers
    Responsible to Customers

    Respect diverse customer needs;

    Provide the highest quality products;

    Provide the most intimate service;

    Keep promises and keep communicating

  • Responsible to Society
    Responsible to Society

    Joysource practice the mission of making the world’s family home more comfortable.

    To help China's education, Joysource provides bookshelves, tables and related supplies for elementary schools in poor mountainous areas.

  • Responsible to Environment and Sustainable Development
    Responsible to Environment and Sustainable Development

    Joysource furniture is committed to environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction.

    Joysource uses environmentally friendly materials in the packaging process

    The waste products of the factory are disposed in time and will not pollute the environment