What is the secret of panel furniture conquering you?

The production of solid wood furniture requires monolithic processing, which consumes a lot of wood and is not easy to maintain. The shrinking global forest resources also brings many disadvantages to solid wood furniture. In the context of protecting natural resources, panel furniture emerged as the times require. Furniture has been innovatively developed from material production to decorative effects.

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The raw materials of panel furniture are also derived from wood, but the wood-based panel processes such as rotary-cut veneer, wood strip splicing, and wood lamella bonding greatly increase the utilization rate of wood, and all kinds of wood can be fully utilized, which greatly reduces the material consumption compared with solid wood furniture. Waste, save resources by reducing material waste under the concept of "big environmental protection".

By understanding the raw materials and processing of panel furniture, we can know that its production cost is more valuable than the price of furniture made of solid wood. It not only has various superior properties of solid wood furniture, but also meets the consumption requirements of fashion and beauty. It also improves the utilization rate of wood.

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Compared with solid wood furniture, the water content of panel furniture is strictly controlled, the physical structure is more stable, it is resistant to moisture, has strong nail-holding force, is strong and durable, and is easy to maintain. popular.

Panel furniture is generally decorated with external veneer, which can design more shapes, and its color can also be arbitrary. The characteristics of easy customization of individual appearance satisfies the aesthetics of more people, which is also the main reason for its popularity.

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Compared with solid wood furniture, which requires complicated processing procedures, the material processing process of panel furniture has been completed before leaving the factory, and the panels are usually connected by metal hardware, which is easy to disassemble and assemble, which is convenient for transportation and installation, which greatly saves production. The cost of finished furniture.

While panel furniture has many advantages, there is also a most controversial issue, which is safety and environmental protection. Most people think that solid wood furniture is more environmentally friendly. In fact, if the basic components of panel furniture are made of strictly environmentally friendly materials, it not only saves the processing cycle, but also makes it easier to ensure environmental protection and pollution-free than solid wood furniture that has undergone multiple post-processing.

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