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Technical Parameters

Product Sizes (cm)Carton Sizes (mm)G.W. (Ibs)Mail Packaging
40*10*49460* 460* 603.57 Yes
45 x 20 x 61  675* 510* 10613.48Yes
63*20*1951220* 370* 16017.74Yes
30*30*1801870* 360* 11025.51
63*30*54cm680* 460* 16017.46Yes
40*30*167980*360* 13522.94Yes
60*30*63680* 360* 16017.55Yes
30*30*80840* 360* 17517.38Yes
60*30*80820* 360* 16025.52Yes

Customer benefits

Plenty of storage: This buffet cabinet features multiple storage racks that provide compact storage for everyday accessories and supplies.

Purpose: This locker can be used as a storage locker. Wood designs are suitable for dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms or other limited Spaces that require more storage space.

Material: the kitchen storage cabinet is made of veneer particleboard with good stability and easy to clean

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