What maintenance mistakes should be paid attention to when maintaining office furniture

I believe that many users of office furniture will be maintained in their daily life after purchase, but there are several mistakes in the maintenance, I believe many users are not clear, so today I will talk about the maintenance of office furniture to pay attention to which mistakes, let’s have a look¬†office furniture.

Maintenance of office furniture in daily work, many people think that as long as the dust on the surface can be wiped with a cloth, but we may not know whether some office furniture is suitable for wiping with cloth? May be a new office furniture, the surface is not dirty, just stained with a little dust, then use a cloth to wipe is not accurate? Can it be wiped clean? These are the misunderstanding of daily office furniture maintenance, not all furniture is suitable to wipe with cloth, also can not be wiped clean with cloth.


There are many people in the maintenance of office furniture, like to paint a layer of protective wax on the surface of the furniture to maintain gloss and extend the care time. However, there are some misunderstandings in this respect, which are mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

Is wax applied immediately after wiping the table top? Some people apply protective wax immediately after wiping the furniture. They think that dust will fall on it after a long time. This practice is wrong. We should wait for a while after wiping, and wait for the surface water trace to dry and evaporate before waxing.


Office furniture production ,is protective wax suitable for all office furniture? Different types of furniture are suitable for different types of wax. Some protective wax is not suitable for solid wood furniture, and some are not suitable for panel office furniture. Therefore, when coating protective wax for furniture, it is necessary to make clear what kind of protective wax is suitable for furniture.

Recognizing the misunderstanding of maintaining office furniture, using the correct maintenance method to maintain the furniture is to extend the service life of office furniture and show the gloss of the past.


Post time: Oct-27-2020

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