What is the difference between particle board and MDF?

During the decoration process, we often face such situation, where we have to choose which kind of board is better for the wardrobe, which kind of material is durable for the TV cabinet, and which kind of material is good for the cupboard. For now, there are many types of panel furniture on the market. Among them, MDF and particleboard are the majority.

Is there any difference between the two kinds of boards? Which one is better?

1.Differential uses

First of all, let’s look at the uses of the two. Particleboard is mainly used for heat insulation, sound absorption or ceiling making, and some ordinary furniture making. Of course, it is also gradually being used for cabinets. MDF is not the same. It is mainly used to strengthen wooden floors, door panels, partition walls, furniture, etc. In many home improvements, this kind of board is used as the surface treatment of the oil mixing process, so in terms of use, the difference between the two plates is quite large.

2.Environmental protection level

From the perspective of environmental protection level, particleboard that is found in the market is better than MDF, and MDF is mostly used for door panels or styling.

3. Different functions

Generally speaking, high-quality particleboard has good water resistance and expansion rate, so it is very common to use, but the density board is not the same, its expansion rate is relatively poor, and the nail grip is not strong, so it is generally not used as a large wardrobe and cupboard.

4.Moisture resistance index

First look at the MDF. The MDF is made of wood powder after pressing, and the surface flatness is better. However, in terms of moisture resistance index, particleboard is still better than MDF.

5.Different types of maintenance

In terms of maintenance, the floor must be smooth and the four legs must be balanced when placing the particleboard furniture. Otherwise, the unstable placement can easily cause the tenon or the firmware to fall off, and the adhesive part will crack, which will affect its durability. MDF is not the same, as its water resistance is poor, so the windows must be closed in the rainy season to avoid wet rain soaking, but also pay attention to indoor ventilation.

6.Different structures

Particleboard is a multi-layer structure with a surface that is similar to MDF and has a denser structure. The fiber-like layered wood chips are retained inside, and the layered structure is maintained by a specific process, which is very close to the structure of natural solid wood boards. There are still obvious differences in structure.

In general, MDF and particleboard are boards made of wood fibers or other wood material fibers as the main material. They are widely used in modern homes and are relatively good choices. After understanding the characteristics of these two different materials, you can choose according to your actual needs.

Post time: Jan-13-2020

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