Single economy rises, small-sized custom furniture sales are booming

A TV cabinet less than 1 meter, a single-seat ins style fabric sofa, a folding dining table with a transformable cabinet, a tatami with a storage cabinet underneath, all kinds of mini-version furniture have become Rise and popular. Previously, furniture on the market were sold with large capacity and strong practicality. Although the size of furniture for single people has reduced, its functions have not diminished. High-value, convenient installation and effective use of space are the selling points. Improve the quality of life by buying small furniture.

Newly graduated Marry moved into her own single apartment, a 50-square-meter one-bedroom apartment. In pursuit of the happiness of life, she planned a comfortable and beautiful life for her new home. “I like the simple Nordic decoration style. It is simple, practical and close to nature. There are no complicated carved hollows. The furniture functions are clear and direct.

The Scandinavian style meets the needs of small units,it does not require too much decoration, is fresh in color, and the price of a set is relatively cheap. It is perfect for a single family like me who is not married. Marry’s home overall is dominated by blue-gray-white tones, and a small gray sofa is placed in the living room, next to it is a small wooden table, decorated with cactus.

Marry’s favorite is the small dressing table in the bedroom. The dressing table is equipped with a mirror and a lamp belt. And with a very simple small stool, although the table area is not large, but “all things are complete”, the space utilization is very good like curlers and other items. Secondly, the small TV cabinet is also a favorite of Marry. She likes the LED lights on the TV cabinet most. It is also very warm to turn off the lamphouse and watch TV on the sofa at night.

The kitchen is also small and exquisite. The cabinets are divided into three compartments, a sink area, a cupboard area, and a cooking area. “One person does not need too much kitchen utensils. A small soup pot and a wok are enough. It’s also convenient. Lots of people have similar consumer ideas like Marry has. This group of people is known as the single consumer group and is becoming an important member of the consumer.

Post time: Jan-19-2020

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